International Academic, Public, and High School Libraries

Please look up your country below and contact the listed representative.  If your country is not listed, please contact our Sales Staff.

Country / Territory Agency Contact
Italy DEA SpA Anna Ligi
Australia IGroup Chloe Mei-Kun Lok
Bangladesh IGroup Kailash Balani
China IGroup David Zhao
Hong Kong IGroup Walter
India IGroup Kailash Balani
Indonesia IGroup Helwis Tjhai
Malaysia IGroup Susan Ooi
New Zealand IGroup Cloe Mei-Kun Lok
Philippines IGroup Peter Chun
Singapore IGroup Susan Pey
South Korea IGroup Misook Lee
Taiwan IGroup Brad Cheng
Thailand IGroup Ratthsith
Vietnam IGroup

Peter Chung

Central and South America ITMS Marie Louise Bore
Lebanon Levant Nayla Sater
Spain Infile Federico Pena